Is Your Heart In Tune?

We all make sure our instruments are perfectly tuned before we play. We warm up our voices before we sing, and practice all the time, but there is no part of our praise and worship before Him that takes a more primary role than the purpose and motives of our hearts. You may have expended a small fortune to equip yourself with the finest quality gear money can buy. It may have even cost you a few meals to afford that Kit you just had to have. I know all about the pursuit. I have had some sweet stuff over the years and thought I was the man, and all the while, I was dried up and lost.

It’s because I made the same mistake many of you have made, or are making, and it is called pride. We believe it’s all about us, and though we may not say it out loud, we are thinking, “Where would the worship team be without what I bring to the table?” Attitude is everything.

Canaan Dog

A humble heart will get you much further in the Kingdom of God than your ability to hit a high note vocally that only a dog can hear.

God gives an example of what He observes in our lives and the motivations for what we do in 1 Samuel 16. when He is selecting a new king of Israel:

“Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees;[ for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”(NKJV)

I had it wrong all those years and I wasted money, relationships, and time over a pursuit that I thought would somehow give me stature in the world. But the key was the instrument that I already possessed; my heart. I just needed to take care of it.

David was selected by God to be King, He passed by all the choices that even the prophet Samuel assumed were made of the right stuff for the task. David wasn’t in the spotlight. He was on the back forty tending the sheep. He wasn’t first in line to get the gig. He was doing the most menial job there was because it was his responsibility.

And, by the way, David played a mean guitar, er, harp!

I know that you want to be used by God, and that you love to play and sing whatever it is that brings life to your spirit. I only ask that you take some time and get with God. Ask Him to look into your heart and be real with Him. It may hurt to evaluate things and see that there have been some wrong motivations, but the Holy Spirit can change all that if you will just open up and let Him re-tune your heart.


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