Before You Take The Stage

I don’t care if you turn on the lights in the sanctuary, straighten the chairs, play the drums, sing, or run the audio system; we all have a great responsibility to be prepared spiritually for the worship services in which we participate.  If  you are involved in the presentation of God to your local congregation, you are a worship leader.  It took me years to get this because I thought the person standing out front, talking, sharing, actually leading the songs was the leader, and I was just “infrastructure”.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and in a healthy, God-centered church, that should be the motivation for each member of the team.

It matters where you have been during the week, and what you have allowed your eyes to see and hands to do because, whether you like it or not, you bring it right into the sanctuary with you.  So, take a moment and remember what you have done this week already. Does it honor God?  A lot of it has to do with our heart condition; what we believe about God and what we think of ourselves. The responsibility for spiritual readiness is not solely that of the staff member or volunteer that is “in charge”,  it is on you too!

What have you done this week to begin to prepare for worship? Practiced the music, made sure your equipment is maintained, even taken the time to figure out what you will wear? I know that some spend more time deciding what shirt to wear than in prayerful preparation for worship, because I have been guilty of that.  So my simple challenge to you is:  be ready, and be careful of what you allow in your life.  It matters.  God will use you in ways you may not expect if you consider Saturday night as important as Sunday morning.


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