Your Performance or Gods Presence?

Ok, so I blew the second ending of the song. I played the wrong chord and it sounded terrible!  Oh, and I started a song or two with my capo in the wrong position; embarrassing! And I forgot the words to that song a few times too, and especially when we did the chorus in Swahili! Does any of this sound familiar? If you’ve been on the worship team for any length of time, I am sure it does!  Always a good laugh after the fact (usually) but, in the moment, it can create a distraction that can detract from the worship experience for all involved. I just want to make a couple points here for you to consider:

Oh no! My guitar shattered while I was playing that awesome solo!!!

-You already know you’ve messed it up – please don’t make silly faces and perform wild gestures and think that’ll fix everything. Haha, yeah we’ve all done that too. Whether you’re the leader, or an instrumentalist or vocalist, it is never cool to distract from everyone’s worship experience by trying to speed up or slow down the drums;  we all know that’s pretty much impossible! The fact is, you rehearsed, laid out the roadmap, and made all the adjustments you could, so now lets just worship the King!

-The congregation, 99 times out of 100 never knew anything was musically ‘wrong.’  I have talked to people after a service, among them my wife, and I’ll be lamenting how I played the song so poorly and they invariably say, “really? I didn’t notice anything wrong”.  In fact, if the people are entering into the presence of God, their focus isn’t on whether you got that sweet guitar lick nailed, it’s on Jesus.

Why are you on the team?  Is it merely an outlet for your musical expression, or a true desire to worship the Lord with all you have and are?  A great question to ponder as you prepare to lead worship next time. There will be people in your congregation that thirst for God’s presence, some that come overwhelmed by life, and yet others who just come out of obligation.

It is our privilege to be the people that introduce them to the one who can make the difference in all they face and are, and to prepare their hearts to receive the richness of God’s word through teaching.  Are you getting excited for your next opportunity to lead?  I hope you are. I know that I am!


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