Something’s About To Pop!

No, I am not expecting, I am a man;  and no, I don’t drink champagne,  I am not getting ready for New Years Eve…  I’m talking about in my spirit.  I can feel things getting into a position for a change of position.  There has been a revolt going on in me the last few months, against sin, with God dealing with my crap as I have opened the door to the basement.

Motion involves change in position, such as in...

Motion involves change in position, such as in this perspective of rapidly leaving Yongsan Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a little afraid of what is on the horizon in a way, yet eagerly anticipating this new and quickly approaching chapter in life.  Things are really beginning to move, and the view is just about like the picture you see here. But isn’t that just like God?  We go through a time of being trained, schooled, humbled, and then doors begin to open.  I know me and what my track record is, but then again it is also very evident what He is doing in me now.  I just know I am not the same Chris; not even close. I have a desire to hear God’s voice, be taught from His Word, and share about it.

Does this mean I have all the answers, and that everything I say and do is right?  No.  I often write about things here that I am passionate about, but I know I don’t have even a small amount of the knowledge and wisdom possessed by others.

God uses the simple to confound the wise and I am, of all men, simple. And I am, of all men, content with where I am in the journey, and if you really knew me you would say that in itself is a miracle – a gift from God that I hold dear, close to my heart, as I realize the wonderful stuff He is up to.

Are you in a place that is uncomfortable, or awkward? Are you thriving spiritually and hearing God speak to you so very clearly? Are there wolves at the door trying to attack and devour you? Circumstances are just that; what is really critical is the position of your heart at this moment in time. Are you in a place in which God can move you into blessing, or a whole new vista you never imagined? Get ready, something’s about to pop!


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