Create In Me

Psalm 51

Psalm 51 (Photo credit: Daniel Y. Go)

Recently, I was asked to do some worship planning for the church in which I serve.  The subject and heart of the pastor was communicated to me, and I began to consider what songs would be not only appropriate, but anointed by God and serve to reinforce the message. As I prepared, a scripture was shared with me that summed up the theme, and so I wrote a song for the message response time. I didn’t set out to write it but ,out of the inspiration and abundance of God’s word, it was birthed.  No, it isn’t going to be a hit –  it is a simple, reflective, repentant, authentic song before God; heart to heart. I sang it with all the conviction of a man and his sinful past, desiring a clean heart before my Savior. It is from Psalm 51, and is an account of David’s repentance for his sin and cry for mercy.

Create in me a clean heart, oh God

And renew a right spirit within me

This is the chorus of the song –  simple yes, but it cuts right to the center of our desire and need for Jesus.  So I ask you, “What is the cry of your heart today?” As a man or woman of God entrusted with the privilege of leading others to His grace and love through worship, we need to be vigilant in our heart maintenance.  Our song will be far more effective if we have been renewed before God, daily.


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