Get Out Of The Way!

I have been sporadically filling in at a local church, that is between worship leaders, and this week is the last time I will be doing this.  They hired a person that they decided to move forward with and so my stint there is virtually over.

However, a situation presented itself and I am sure it isn’t unique to many who either are interim leaders or occasional replacements.  That is I received the sermon notes on the Friday before the service; I emailed the pastor and he sent me his notes within a couple of hours.  Now the issue here is evident; I had to have the songs to him by the afternoon so they could prepare the slides, but I was up against the wall.  I had no time to really study and understand the topic and no time to research songs and prepare a flow to the worship.  I was a little frustrated. I got out of work and spent a couple of hours on it and submitted what I had, yet felt it could be so much more.

It is at these times, that our reliance on God is put to the test.  As worshipers, we have a responsibility to be ready; spiritually, emotionally, in every way – and I found my heart complaining.  That is the wrong response.

So it is now Sunday morning and I am up at 5am writing. I took a few moments to worship the Lord and His presence filled me up, helped me focus, and gave me the confidence I was lacking.  That is, when His spirit reminded me, it isn’t about when you get the notes, the time you have to select songs, it isn’t even about how you or I “feel” about it.  Worship isn’t about us at all, it is about Him and His presence.

English: Description: A typical Sunday morning...

It is His presence that brings the repentance, healing and salvation that people need.  We could be singing “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, and if God decides to pour out His Spirit, He will.

No, I am not saying that we can just show up and it’s all good;  our responsibility as leaders is to do all we can do to be prepared,  but then to trust Him in it.

No matter what the distraction, hindrance, problem, obstacle, whatever your word for it is; give it to Him.  Take your hands off, make sure your heart is right, get in His amazing presence,  and let Him have the freedom to do what pleases His heart. When He has control, anything can happen so let’s just Get out of the way!


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