The Timelessness of Worship

GRAMMY-award winning gospel group Israel Hough...

GRAMMY-award winning gospel group Israel Houghton & New Breed performing at City Stages 2008, Sunday evening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you a music snob? Well, maybe better put, do you have strict preferences when it comes to the delivery method of Christian music? Everyone has certain genres of music they appreciate over others, we all do; but I am asking if there are impactful songs just outside your range that are excluded.

Truly what guides us to a large extent is the generation we grew up in, the music of our youth often defines the style, artists, and expression of the music we most love.  Let’s say you were a teenager in the 70’s, Disco was king, but Funk, smooth Jazz, Jazz Fusion, and Soul were pretty big. Add to that other sub-genres of rock, particularly glam, hard rock, progressive, art rock, and heavy metal.   Reggae was an innovative force throughout the decade and grew a significant following too.  Hip-hop emerged during this 70’s as well, but was slow to start and didn’t become significant until the late 1980s.  That’s a lot of variety, even within a short span of 10 years, I would guess that most people that liked glam rock weren’t particularly big on funk, but you never know.

When it comes to songs of worship there are similar lines drawn by people in the church. Many appreciate the substance and richness of the Hymns of old, and find the melodic style in which the song is delivered very appealing.  Others are moved by the simplicity of one phrase repeated numerous times, as in gospel music and, of course, the multitude of styles in-between.

My challenge to you is simple; if you are an avid listener of The Desperation Band, Jesus CultureIsrael Houghton, Planet Shakers, or Hillsong – just to scratch the surface, try something totally new for you. How about,  Andrae’ Crouch and the Disciples, Keith Green, Resurrection band, The Imperials, Degarmo and Key, or the 2nd Chapter of Acts?

The Prodigal Son (Keith Green album)Maybe, in your worship services, you could do an updated version of one of these classic songs:

“Mansion Builder” by 2nd Chapter of Acts. or Keith Green’s song, “Make My Life A Prayer To You”.   As I revisit these songs I am so very blessed by our heritage.

And when I hear “Overcome”, by The Desperation Band, I am also touched deeply, and worship Jesus!

Lord Jesus,

 May the song I sing bring You glory. May I not be merely outwardly enthusiastic about You, but changed inside, every time I have the honor and privilege to worship You in song.  As I sing, may Your presence draw all unto Your salvation. Use me to bear the message of Your love to all creation, through the songs You have written.  Jesus, You are here right now as I pray.  Rise up, Holy Spirit and fill me now; show me Your will for this day and use me to proclaim Your kingdom through the gift You have given.



2 thoughts on “The Timelessness of Worship

  1. 2nd Chapter of Acts was my first Christmas music tape. 🙂 And Keith Green… was a passionate worship leader taken way to early from this earth. A passionate man of God, for sure. Interesting blog…

    Let’s experience God and pursue Him in all things that point to him!


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