You Have Forgiven All My Sins

This poem was written in the few moments I had to spare before a counseling appointment. No, it doesn’t always rhyme but that’s not what is important, it is that I was interacting with God. I confessed my wrong and acknowledged my need for him, it was an exercise in humility.

When I am so undeserving
My heart stubborn in its sin
I don’t want to give in
To love that can break my chains
If I knew what true freedom was
Would I let go of me
Discard the dirty messy things
And let your grace change me
The sun is shining, it’s glory brilliant
It’s warmth and light reveal all that’s good
And when I let your glory uncover
The darkness that I have become
Hidden places in the secret
Once thought to be closed away
Never to come into the light of day
Are seen for what they are
Not as good as I once thought
Truly I have been deceived
To think that I was in the right
Somehow I had justified
My secret place of darkest sin
Disregarded your bold forgiveness
If only I’d given you them
So I paid the price of fear
That someone would find me out
I grew tired of the lies and tricks
The needless battles I’ve fought
Your light disintegrating
The cloaks and shadows of my life
Cleaning up the smelly ooze
That covered every lie
What once was cold and lifeless
Numb from senseless thoughts
Is coming back and waking up
And less I’m filled with doubt
That Jesus really loves and saves
Through it all he cares
Replacing shame with glorious light
So in faith I dare to believe this change is permanent
I don’t have to return
To a life of secrecy
My image to protect
I concern myself not with the past
You’ve given me new freedom
Your brilliant light of love and grace
Has forgiven all my sins.