The Prodigal-Revisted

I have spent the last 24 hours, and many decades considering grace and what it’s meaning really might be. Bear with me while I pose a few questions just to get us thinking.

A thought popped into my head a few moments ago and it is this;

is our ability to understand the great magnitude of God’s grace limited by how we have applied it to our individual lives?

Certainly if we call ourselves children of God, we are partakers of His grace. But in the New Testament the point is asserted that just because grace is freely available, is it right to make liberal use of it? Was such grace so dearly paid for as a “stopgap”, or a “just-in-case”, or possibly limited to salvation? Or maybe is it because God knew that we would need every aspect of it’s power?

Many think once you become a Christian there is this automatic sin stopper that is activated and you never again sin. Others think that the major sins are eradicated and you just need to stay on top of the so called minor ones. And there are others still who have a daily time of repentance and confession, getting themselves re-saved all over again.

I was recently reminded of a well know story from the Old Testament of two sons. One decides he wants his inheritance and goes out into the world and spends it all, ending up poor and destitute and in the gutter. His brother stays home and is responsible, does his duty, and honors his family. When the first son sees his error and returns home he is grandly welcomed, with a feast, valuables, and above all a father with open arms. The faithful brother however is jealous and angry as he has done the right thing and receives no such reward. Interesting, I’m taking a moment and considering which one I am, though that really isn’t very difficult for me to see. Which one are you?

The truth is that we all need grace every day, sometimes to make the right choices and at times to overcome the bad ones.

I find myself to be less resentful of the faithful, as I have experienced the grace of being the prodigal welcomed home once again. And just maybe the faithful might need to see things a little differently as well.Ideally, we would always make the right choices in our lives; armed simply with the knowledge of our Savior’s great sacrifice, and the privilege of carrying the truth of Salvation and righteousness to the world.

Whichever point of view we have, the prodigal or faithful son, we should all be thankful we have a loving, forgiving, gracious beyond comprehension Father, that is always waiting and wanting to welcome us home. His grace is so unbelievably big and far beyond our ability to wrap our mind around, so let’s stops trying to. Instead, let us be humble and grateful partakers TOGETHER in Gods limitless mercies.


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