Pornography Follow up…

Some additional thoughts taken from my response to an email regarding my previous post:

I think that a truly transparent church that actively seeks to prevent instead primarily react to the problems of our society and those hidden within the church itself is what I am referring to. The resources I have referenced, as well as much research indicates that many addictions are coping mechanisms for deeper trauma.  It takes probing deeply, beyond the acting out to find the reasons for behaviors.

I certainly believe what I have done is sinful, wrong, and very hurtful to many, many people. But when I take the time, with the help of others to find the roots, I can really do some serious “fixing”.  This is what is postulated in the book Pure Desire. It speaks of immature coping mechanisms used to avoid pain that starts out as sinful actions and become a “limbic” action through the subconscious. It sounds like mumbo-jumbo but it really is a two pronged attack.

I am finding that armed with the knowledge I have acquired, in combination with spiritual revelation, there is freedom.  I can see that my mind is healing and that I am taking captive every imagination:)

I think the church needs to do a couple things. It needs to confront the issue of sexual addiction and the fact so many are hiding it in their lives. In a loving and compassionate way let people know that there is hope, for many are decades into the battle. That means senior pastors taking the lead, bravely and lovingly spearheading ministries in the church that provide safe places for people to deal with their stuff. Also, when something does come to light the hard way which it often will, to not turn away from it, but value the person, providing substantial help and resources so they can be healed and restored. Unfortunately, with the many scandals churches would often rather distance themselves from the problem instead of embracing the solutions.

Just a few of my thoughts, please share yours as well!


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