There Is Hope, If We Will Stop Denying Our Need!

With the creation of the internet and the ready availability of pornography there began an epidemic that has not been abated, at all. In fact, the exponential growth in production and consumption of porn has been aided by the invention of smart phones and other mobile technology.

The amount of free porn online could keep the average man up to his ears in sexual addiction for a lifetime.

There are apps available to connect fellow addicts in their behaviors, and also to help keep their online habits secret. A new class of porn addict is being created as you read this article. You, or someone you know is seeing their lives either slowly eroded away or they have suddenly and horribly been destroyed in one calamitous explosion. Marriages irrevocably broken apart, jobs lost in disgrace, and finances wasted in pursuit of this diabolical killer.
What is the solution against such a zealous adversary, what hope have we to see this vicious foe defeated and take our lives back?

It all starts by getting out of denial and admitting there is a problem:
• Stop making excuses and hiding what you are doing, you can’t continue to keep up the facade.
• Stop saying to yourself, I can quit whenever I want, you cannot.
• Stop justifying what you’re doing whether it’s once a month or every day, any amount of porn use is wrong.

The only place in which hope doesn’t exist is in denial of the problem.

There are resources and places to begin the journey, and proven methods available that are safe and effective. Think about it, do you want to be caught in the raging flood of filth that is polluting our world and be washed away into oblivion? Are you so hopelessly addicted that to even try to escape the snare seems to be foolishness? Attempting countless times to extricate yourself only to slip back down into the abyss?

Never stop trying, never.

I speak as a man who has felt all those emotions, I have given up and had hope rekindled, only to fall again. I have had people quit on me, condemn me, and relegate me to the garbage. But God hasn’t given up on you and I! I am praying for us as I write, because I have tasted true freedom and breathed in the air of amazing grace. I so desire that for every one of us!

May I suggest a resource, one that has been a key catalyst for my healing? Pure Desire Ministries International. Start there with a heart open to the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Peace, hope, joy freedom, and grace are yours in Jesus.


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