What Are You Thinking Right Now?


I have a flood of thoughts and questions that pepper my mind continuously.

You and I are probably very similar in that we often put our head on the pillow and our minds decide it is not quite time to actually go to sleep. For me it can be music. I play with a worship team and whatever the songs are will just play over and over in my head. Sometimes, after spending an hour or more trying to wind down I will exclaim out loud, “I need to sleep” as if that will help!

Then there are the questions that go deeper, because I have put together a couple different viewpoints and I am trying to prove them. Another possible mind-bender is thinking through woulds-coulda’s which of course is a frustrating and fruitless endeavor. Last but not least might be trying to solve the problems of the day, the relationship issues we face, the challenges at work, and the struggles we have within ourselves.

Let’s face it, we may demystify one situation by our so-called immense brilliance, but on its heels comes another 1000 piece puzzle.

Part of the way I process my thoughts is right here on this blog. I write about the things that are on my heart and try to find solutions as I go. I do not publish blog’s of everything I write, I have to use some thoughtful judgment at times, so I have rather a large selection of drafts which may remain forever unread. I am dealing with the phenomenon of a complex series of hefty questions in a personal sense, but also those with a broader impact. Many things I had never seriously considered are banging around in the bio-computer on the top of my head. Much of what we face isn’t always fun to ponder but none the less all being stirred about in the simmering pot of vexing conundrums!

Do I always find answers? No. Are my thoughts methodically laid out? No. Are my conclusions painstakingly researched? No. But that doesn’t reduce the importance of completing the process. I write a lot. I write when I am heartbroken, angry, confused, resolute, afraid, frustrated, and inspired; and it really helps! It truly doesn’t matter if anyone else agrees with me; I have accomplished an essential exercise for my well-being.

May I urge you to find your own way to dissect the thoughts oozing around in your noggin? It will open you up to some emotions that haven’t previously been explored, such as those I mention above, but the benefits far exceed any discomfort you may suffer. Now, grab a pen and paper, start a blog, a diary, type it out-anything will suffice to get started on this fantastic journey into you.


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