First the Natural, then the Spiritual

After having undergone shoulder surgery recently, I had a followup appointment with my doctor that resulted in enlightenment both physically and spiritually.

You see, there were three options available to treat my injury and they all have a very clear spiritual parallel.


The first option was to do nothing. Because my bicep muscle had torn, the results would have been something called a “Popeye bicep.” You remember Popeye right? Huge out of proportion arm muscles,; I would have had a bunched up bicep that would be not only unpleasant to see, buts plagued with continued pain.

The second option was a type of repair that would have caused a permanent reduction in my flexibility. Tucking and stapling the tear would be stronger and heal quicker, but at the same time my range of motion would be permanently decreased

The third option was the one that was executed and it involved attaching the muscle at its proper point. Since it was a clean tear this was the best option, after some sutures and staples, and some bone shaving, I was sent to recovery. The thing with this option is the length of time it takes to recover, it takes longer BUT, offers the best and most permanent results. I will not be able to apply any resistance to that arm for 3 months, then, and only then will I start to build it back up.

The spiritual correlation is obvious isn’t it?


If our spiritual wounds are left to heal on their own, we can expect a distorted and unhealthy result.; often with permanent and crippling effects that change everything as we move forward. It is an option that at the outset has the least pain but will inevitably result in long-term dysfunction. If we chose to do the “quick fix” we are still left in a state of lesser function and flexibility. We healed much faster but there are still long term penalties for this choice. However, the third option is really the best one available to us spiritually. There is much pain, there is lengthy down time and many restrictions, but through following instructions and waiting before beginning to exercise once again, those damaged muscles are restored to their former status, just like new.

This is the process of restoration from our sinful actions. We can do nothing, shortcut it, or do it right and allow the process to bring complete healing. The beauty and the catch of it is that we decide the way we will take, we can ultimately avoid our complete healing, or allow Gods spirit to bring us to complete wholeness.


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