Just Thinking and Sharing

Please don’t mistake the words I speak with conviction, as those uttered from a prideful or know-it-all attitude.

I feel I must clarify my writings at times because I am passionate about the subjects which I blog about. Am I trying to force my opinion down your throat or correct the thinking of anyone else you may ask?  No, not really, my purpose is just to prompt a new round of consideration when it comes to the topic at hand.


We all have many set in and so-called foundational beliefs that were established long ago, and at times, with less knowledge available than we now have. I was saved at 10 years of age, I have experienced various denominations, several churches over the last 40 plus years, and have strayed away and come back. Some of my original and childish beliefs about myself and God were just plain wrong, and have contributed to many of the challenges I have faced over several decades.

We all go through periods of disenchantment with our faith; grow weary of the perceived rules, or we tire of battling our foes so desperately day after day that we take time off from our commitment. It may be a temporary thing or an extended hiatus. We all pick up various convictions that we get from somewhere, who knows where actually, that just work their way into our belief system.

My writings are meant to ferret out what I have just accepted as truth versus what may be actual truth. I am sure that my thinking at times isn’t truly well-founded in theological bedrock; but a combination of personal experience and revelation, my own Biblical study, topical content, and thoughts springing from personal observations.

I am in a life long process of learning and growing as a person, but more so, as a son of my Father in heaven. I pray that as you seek Him you will find the truth that equips you to be a powerful witness to the world you influence.

God Bless!


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