Reblogged: Why I absolutey disagree with nowadays worship

Readers of the rip[ple] effect,

In my reading I discovered this blog post. It is good to hear these observations about how worship is perceived. I have served in churches from 75 to 7000 people and the level of talent has been extremely wide. I have gone through phases of disappointment with gigantic productions, and have also seen a woeful lack of preparation. Whatever I see from the congregation, I try to remember the hearts of the worshipers on the platform. Yes, there are a few “performers” in there, but they are mostly just  everyday people who love to use their gifts for Jesus. One issue is the bigger the church, the bigger the expectation, for something, well….BIG! This is a very thoughtful piece, and not to be ignored.




We live in a world where people want to be amazed. As they go to shopping center, school or church. advertisers work to get people’s attention. As marketer I have to say that its pretty hard. Public is so full of everything. They just ignore normal stuff because it’s not modern or not enough innovation.

The same happens to church. Leaders try to make building comfortable for listening. Pick most interesting themes for sermons. Invite different pastors for the parishioners not to be bored from listening same voice.

And worship? It’s not easy too. How can we get people’s attention? Because you know.. they get pretty boring of simple singing. It has to be fun! Nowadays people’s time is very expensive. And they will not spend it on listening elderly people singing and simple preaching. So we just have to make big scene with decorations and lumiere. Get drums and rock guitars. We…

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