How Do I Explain To You…? Pt.2

You can see part 1 of this post HERE.


When will suffering in silence no more be accepted and deemed to be “heroic or brave?” When will those who have inflicted such pain and destruction be brought to justice for the lives they have crippled and misused? When will the abused stop protecting the abusers in some sick and twisted show of supposed grace and mercy? When will this all be over, and the peace of sweet death consume this life of constant agony?

The questions, hurts, and confusion don’t just magically disappear when we grow up; they are hidden by some, openly displayed by others, and morph into not so obvious but no less crippling thoughts and actions by even more. There is a vast array of people who live out the pain of childhood sexual abuse in silence. They are trying with all their might to find a place of normalcy in this world; and yet many interpret their actions, and label them in a way that makes them feel comfortable. They are seemingly always angry, messing up, dysfunctional, annoying, needy, relationally challenged, perfectionistic, difficult-you name it.

The glimpse you have been provided is a first-hand account; and although greatly abridged, gives you a brief look into the soul of the abused. (This post is not meant to be a blanket representation of all those who have suffered various types of childhood abuse. The effects are much wider and far-reaching than can be addressed in this format.)

I did not write this to garner your sympathy or pity, but to help you realize there may be people in your life who are struggling with far greater demons than you have previously known.

May the dim light in which we have judged others be completely illuminated with the whole picture for us to clearly see and consider.


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