Thank YOU!

Those who have shared words of encouragement and faith have done so from a heart of love and support, I know this, and I am very appreciative. Some have felt my reticence to accept such advice and guidance, but I assure you that your every word is included in the process of my life. I often speak (or write) words that I have great conviction for, although that of course doesn’t mean I am always right.

I ask your patience. The few of those who find it in their hearts to dialogue with me know I am in a great struggle.

You may have been subjected to my anger, and sensed my great despair. Some have taken my words and been personally insulted and offended, for that I am deeply sorry. 

I am finding my way through the outer limits of my being, dissecting my spirituality, and my heart is feeling things I haven’t allowed to penetrate it in many, many years.


My brain is a bubbling pot of everything I have been through, and while it simmers, there is a drawing off of the things which hurt, kill, and have destroyed my peace. In this messy process I make good decisions and bad ones because clarity isn’t entirely available yet.

I have been open about my life; the childhood sexual abuse I suffered, my battle with addiction, many relationship issues, long time depression, multiple moral failures, all of it. I don’t speak as an authority to put others down, but as a man with great, though sometimes misguided ideas.

Please, accept my sincerest of apologies, and know that I am in the fight of my life. I haven’t given up and I haven’t given in. I will fight on and continue seeking, the words you speak to me are not falling on deaf ears.

Bless you, and have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Thank YOU!

  1. Chris –
    God has given you a voice and you are using it to promote healing in yourself and others. You may feel like your voice is crying alone in the wilderness, but I appreciate you not giving up or giving in to despair. As men, we have to resist and reject passivity which I fight every day. Its easier to do nothing and say nothing. That’s not what I see you doing. I see you taking initiative. Keep on doing it brother! Those seeds will bear fruit.


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