Special Guest Author-Poet Marty

A close friend shared with me a poem which he wrote that I found to be wonderfully transparent, thought provoking, and truly authentic. It just blessed me. So I asked if I could share it with you on my blog, I am happy to say he agreed! Please take a few moments and reflect on what is written.

At the end of the poem find out a little more about its author.

A smile of sadness

Can you tell me what I’m thinking?
See my broken heart while I’m winking?
Though I am loud, my quiet madness.
Tears of joy or a smile of sadness.

The outside sometimes hides what’s in.
A hurtful loss or a shameful sin.
The eyes, the gateway to the soul.
Inside fractured but outside whole.

Our friends and loved ones, do we know?
How high they’ve been or how low?
Do you really know me at all?
How high I will rise, how far I’ll fall.

Upon your surface I take a look.
The first page of a very long book.
I read success, happiness and laughter.
But that is only the first chapter.

And look at me. What do you see?
A soul that’s crippled or set free?
What’s going on in me I’ll mask.
I just won’t say until you ask.

I am a 56-year-old man who is been divorced for 19 years. My divorce really hit me very hard particularly because I felt that I was the most at fault for it. I started writing poems shortly after I got divorced. This poem is probably my 55th one. My poems run the gamut from joyful too sad and all in between. But I seem to have a particular knack for the sad and introspective. But ultimately you will decide.



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