An Open Letter to my Christian Friends

To my valued friends,

I publish my blog about addiction and more specifically pornography. I challenge the church to action in the midst of the attack of porn on its members. I speak of shame, my disenchantment with the church, my wounds and hurts, and my regret for hurting others. I advocate for people like many of you who join me in our shared daily pursuit to never giving up in our battle for complete freedom. The truth is, it is exceptionally difficult to break free of porn and restore trust with others, we need each other to succeed!

I share my journey, insights and heartache in that process.

Many of you are church leaders who firmly believe in the power of God to bring change to the lives of people. I challenge you to enter into this fight with all the ferocity that you would to defend the name of Jesus Christ! Put your strength of personal faith and resolution into recovering the stolen and saving future generations from this scourge.

Some of you are recovering sexual addicts who fight this battle every day. You have wins and losses even though sometimes it looks like you will never be totally free. Join in the movement for sexual purity. Your story will help someone else face their compulsions, and your victories will be an encouragement to many more.

You may never have even considered porn and its devastation, it hasn’t personally touched your life. The reality is that you will more likely than not be affected by this unspeakable horror, so prepare yourself.

Maybe this is something you don’t think is important, or you haven’t made time for while you juggle a busy life. My goal is to awaken the church to a growing number of silently shamed and shackled people who operate just below most everyone’s eye level. The way I write is often rife with raw emotions, obvious anger and frustration and I am sorry if I have offended you; but I am ultimately speaking to people who will put boots to the ground and be a part of setting people free to operate in their distinct gifting.

Porn is stopping people like you and I from being fully used by God, (this sin has taken just about everything away I once held dear.) People are also preventing others from being used by God because they have a past that included porn.

Until we stop ferreting out the sins we chose to be most heinous, seeing sin as sin…like God sees it, we will continue to throw people away. We needlessly shame others and eliminate powerful voices that could speak of the redeeming quality of a loving, gracious and forgiving Heavenly Father, when we stigmatize sexual sin above all others.

Porn’s lie has already infected countless numbers of people in the church and out. It is time to forcefully confront this lie and beat back the destroyer of hope and truth, the very lives of people close to you that are hiding and trapped in a cycle of sin and shame are at stake.

In my own flawed and imperfect way, I am trying to create a dialog that becomes real action. I would be honored if you would check out my blogs and join the fight against apathy.

Here, where you landed at the rip[ple] effect and my other site…

the chronicles…

Have a great day!


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