Guest Author/Poet Marty Returns!!!

Thank you Marty, Inspiring for all of us!!!


Write it down.

What ever I am feeling,
Pain, Joy, pleasure or sadness,
I write it down.

Perhaps I am feeling
Highs, Lows, depression or gladness
I write it down.

Whenever I am feeling
Angst, calm, pride or shame
I write it down.

And if I am feeling
Fear, safety, someone to blame
I write it down.

If you are feeling
Love, hate, jealousy, or hunger
Write it down.

You might be feeling
Fit, fat, old or younger.
Write it down.

When you take feelings
And put them on the page,
They are then captured
From then on till the age.

The age is but a moment,
Or a path going round and round.
So whatever you are feeling,
Write it down!


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