The Real Me…

Is often afraid

Is sickened by my sin

Feels useless sometimes

Doubts loves truth

Feels so alone at times

Sees dark things in his mind

Fears failure

Carries deep shame

Feels very old

Is misunderstood

Has lost his passion



The Real me…

Will not go quietly into the night

Refuses to give up, and will never quit

Knows he is loved

Is learning to love more authentically

Cares about people

Wants to help someone else avoid his mistakes

Desires to be fully healed and be made whole

Sees what others refuse to see

Fights apathy both internally and externally

Still believes every life is precious


The Real me…

Hopes you will understand

Is grateful to know you can hear my voice

Needs your prayerful support


Now, could you tell me about the real you, even a little bit?  I am listening…






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