Where were you?

Where were you?

You fighters for justice, when I was being sexually abused in the night.

Where were you?

The Church who was told, that did nothing to help the helpless?

Where were you?

The friends and family that saw this messed-up life and ignored the self-destruction.

Where are you?

The current church, who knows my past and has not reached out to help.

Where are you?

The condemners of character, who have never faced the terror that destroys the human spirit.

Where are you?

Who have now gone silent, refusing to associate with the desperately wounded soul.

Where will you be?

If the horror of sexual abuse touches close to your life.

Where will you be?

If I decide life isn’t worth living, and after I am gone you know in your heart you could have made a difference.

Where will you be?

When you get to heaven and God asks “why you didn’t help the least of these.”

Following excerpt from: Christianity Today-What You Probably Don’t Know about “The Least of These”

In summary, these passages in Matthew are not about the nature of the gospel, but about response to the gospel. They are telling us not what good preaching should look like—that is, deeds and not just words—but what a full embrace of the gospel looks like. The gospel is holistic, addressing every area of life. Thus, our response involves membership in a community of self-sacrificial service, not just cognitive assent to an otherworldly truth claim. Following Jesus has both mental and physical dimensions, assent and obedience.

So in an odd way, we come full circle.

While “the least of these” does not refer to the poor and powerless, a proper understanding of the text nevertheless underscores the centrality of compassionate actions to the gospel. And it may cause us to reconsider our evangelistic practices. When we lead people to Christ, do we go beyond praying the sinner’s prayer with them? Or do we give them an opportunity for a fuller expression of conversion? Perhaps a deeper humility and vulnerability should be a part of our Christian witness. After all, it is not them out there who are “the least of these.” We are. Perhaps we should start to live that way.



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