Among the Voiceless

It will never be very popular to campaign for the welfare of the sexually abused child.

Unlike other causes which engender public demonstrations and extensive media coverage, it languishes in the shadows of shame and neglect.

Children have no voice, and by the time they do it is often to late to even prosecute the offender.

With the advent of the smart phone, every public atrocity is captured and shared instantly, the frenzy of public opinion feeds upon itself and it quickly becomes the latest cause for everyone to comment upon. Rage, apathy, misinformation, ignorance, ambivalence all collide into a fireball. There are cries for justice if even one person is mistreated and there is video to back it up. Nevermind there may be contextual issues at stake, it’s on TV!!!

Meanwhile those children who have endured horrors in the seclusion of a darkened bedroom receive no justice. Instead, they are judged wrongly by others when they develop addictions, struggle to maintain healthy relationships, withdraw, isolate, mistrust, become depressed; any number of coping mechanisms that allows them to at least function at a very basic level in adulthood.

The problem is everyone’s, but we refuse to own it.

We care more for a mistreated puppy than the crushed spirit of the sexually abused. We would rather look away than admit the demons that lie within every single human being on the planet!

I speak on behalf of those who were abused, learned to cope and have seen their lives slip into oblivion without as much as the smallest concern from others. I was one of those little children with dreams. I wanted to design cars, I loved to draw, to play sports and be musical. I enjoyed hanging out with friends, going to the movies, staying up all night on New Years Eve and going bowling, then goofing off and having pancakes at a local restaurant with the gang the next morning. I played ping-pong, and sjoelen for hours (and usually lost!) I was shy, introverted, and rudderless. I never grew out of the place at which I saw myself as someone elses plaything. I failed to mature beyond being used to advance someone elses agenda. I learned that my only value to humanity was to please others and be approved by them, no matter what the cost to me. So I rebelled, hurt people, failed purposefully and in the process wasted my life.

There are many who feel the same pain and worthlessness I do but have chosen to live with it, and deaden the pain with whatever is most handy.

Since I have lost most everything anyway, in my small way I advocate for the voiceless, the addicted, I speak out against unacceptable apathy and rattle the doors of the church. This makes me an enemy, I am aware of that so very clearly. But you must understand that I don’t care if you hate me anymore. I am finished trying to please you and make myself acceptable to you.

Whether you choose to listen or ignore me, either way, I will fight for the lives of those crippled by sexual abuse; past, present and future.


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