Ignorance is No Excuse!

Maybe you think the porn problem and all its negative effects aren’t an issue in your church, household, or even your life. Is that why you don’t want to read or know more about it? Or could it be a problem that you or someone you know is struggling with but fear keeps it on the back burner?

Pornography is destroying real lives of real people some of which you know. If you don’t mind me saying it, you need to know more about it, what it does and how you can combat it.

When I get two views of a blog as important as this recent post, I know the message isn’t getting out and not being taken seriously.

I am angered by the enemy of our souls who deceives us into complacency and pride. It is never a problem in “my” church, it is always somewhere else. I am sick of hearing that. My life flew under the radar and eventually imploded and my warnings are deadly real. I know I am not the only one to go this road but the growing statistics don’t seem to concern you. The meager and inadequate so-called programs of the church are failing their own men disastrously.

Maybe my warnings should turn to impassioned pleading. Maybe if you saw me on my knees begging you to take action it might get through. While you fiddle though, Rome is burning. It won’t fix itself, men won’t magically be delivered from the clutches of a relentless destroyer. It takes community, leadership and courage. Authenticity beyond the slapping of that word on your churches slogan.

Please, I beg you, stop wasting time and the lives of people and start making this a priority. Today, Friday November 4 2016, there are men on the edge of making decisions to sin they never thought possible 6 months ago. Marriages are withering away because of shameful secrets and it is all preventable and fixable.

We should not fear those who are willing to speak honestly and openly, only those who wish to remain in secrecy and silence.

Today, make that call, send the email, schedule the meeting and start restoring the miracle of life to so many who today are near the death of any real expectation of hope and life.


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