Found in the Finding

It is refreshing to live in the light.  Life is invigorating when we aren’t clouded over with a bunch of sin and fear is relieved when our closets are clean. Stumbling around in the darkness we are prone to bump into addictions, new and familiar, replete with our wrongful justifications.

Now don’t stop reading because I used the “A” word. It is easy to push away when we don’t want to realize or honestly acknowledge that it is more than drugs or alcohol.

The ways we cope with difficulty or trauma are legion and very few of us aren’t using. 

In the few words I have here I cannot convince you that you’re medicating your pain, you’ll have to go find a book on that. I just want to share what is beyond the lies we so often choose to believe.

Ahhhhh, fresh air! Nothing beats it. I have an older car that has an oil leak, if the vents are open, the cabin fills with the smell of burnt oil. You know it right? I mean at some point you’ve been there. It’s horrible, choking, offensive odor is infectious, tainting the air we breathe and leaving us gasping for a reprieve. That burning oil is like the sin that cuts off a fresh infusion of God’s love and I love the feeling of freedom. I am learning to love it more than bondage to sin. Every day there is new evidence of the discoveries I am making. It is like a treasure hunt with a big payoff.

We have had some really tough days. Times when we didn’t know if we would emerge from something that had just swamped our lives like a giant wave. Hope seemed lost, and we were flailing around for anything to keep afloat. That’s when we learned that overeating, disconnection, anger, alcohol, sex, drugs, denial, ambivalence, greed, lies and many other things seemed more readily available to us than the song of freedom.

I know…I know.

Let me share with you what I am discovering. As I continue to move away from the life-sucking black hole of addiction, where nothing escapes including light, I find things I never knew existed. Like beginning the day with anticipation of something good, balance, patience and common sense. Not believing that inevitable failure will be the result of any efforts I make. Hope, truth and light are piercing the darkness.

One last image for you. Ever look at a real estate listing when they are using the wide-angle technique on the pictures? It make the place look bigger than it is and that’s just what sin does, it offers all these options and yet you still end up in this tiny place.

Found is the truth of a God who loves us, who desires we live in freedom and empowers us to find Him. Life that is filtered through our Fathers love and not our vain attempts to cope is sweet and unfettered. We can breathe. We aren’t stuck in some little dump we thought we wanted, but we are at liberty to roam His vast and miraculous creation.

It is right there, I hope you can see it.  It can all be found in the finding.





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