In the Moment

It has been a difficult transition going back to work and I haven’t been writing much lately but just wanted to share a tidbit with you.

My job is very physically challenging, the mental aspects of management are also freaking me out a bit. You see they transferred someone out when I came in, they had a lot of experience and I am but a beginner. Coupled with that are the feelings of ineptness and my own desire to do well, exceptionally well if possible. I don’t have a lot of wiggle room to get up to speed and I am feeling the pressure. Its long hours and fast paced.

The other day I was working and I was nearing the end of my shift. I had to take an additional break because I couldn’t physically continue. As I slipped into my car I began to cry. The pain I was feeling had made me nauseous, I felt overwhelmed and completely incapable of doing the job.

Something entirely different came out of my mouth in the moment though. Not an angry complaint or a whimpering plea, but thankfulness. After almost two years of injury, surgeries, therapy and fighting with workers compensation I was working again. All I could say was “thank you Father for this job, thank you for getting me through this challenging time, I rely on you for my strength. Thank you for your mercy, your kindness and the gifts I don’t see that you have given freely. I am so thankful to have a Father in heaven.”

The pain was still there, it remains unchanged, but non-the-less I am so very thankful for my heavenly Father.

Today might be a day that is a struggle for you and one you are having difficulty seeing anything good in, we all have those days. Just say a prayer of thanks to Jesus. It may seem inconsequential at the time but I assure you that He will hear and smile upon you. Jesus sees our hurts, our pain and our wounds and He will help us in our times of need.

Have a great day!


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