Begin and End

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We will often have no control of the the circumstances of these events, they seem to just happen. We may find ourselves bewildered and confused, hurt and damaged, and with nowhere to turn. We are at the mercy of much which we don’t even see coming, some of it so-called deserved and some not at all.

From this miasmic concoction we evaluate and calculate, devise and plan, look behind and ahead, and the eventual outcome will be different for each of us. Some will chose to end their own lives while others will fight on.

We all know of someone who valiantly fought for every breath in spite of their terminal illness. Those who have had every bad break and tragedy but somehow always find the good in life. But there are also people who have done nothing to deserve their suffering or which have created their own trouble, yet, both live in sadness and depression.

Which of these are you? Maybe you live in rarified air and have no complaints, sailing on through difficulty, brushing aside minor inconveniences with great strength and even defiance.

Look, you don’t have to do anything for anyone else, you can just go on with your life. I am sure there is enough going on to keep you busy. It’s just that you might want to look around a little and realize that not everyone is you. Unbury your head from the sand of your own priorities and see those around you who might not be doing so well.

You might save a life you didn’t even realize was in danger, and then again… maybe not.

If you are asking why I don’t do the same, I assure you that I am.


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