No Such Thing

Happy endings. The crutch of a thousand feel good movies. I really hate them…why? Because for the most part they don’t exist. Sure there are a few, just enough to keep us wishful, but really, there is very little chance for one.

I just watched the old movie The Money Pit, This couple withstands everything from financial disaster, to infidelity (which ends up not happening) and still have a fairytale ending. If it weren’t so patently false I would actually laugh at the premise.

While I am on the subject, love songs sicken me too. Syrupy ballads of unfailing faithfulness and blind devotion are such a fantasy; its a joke.

Behind those thick, velvet curtains are the secrets we keep from one another because they are usually deal breakers. The funny thing is that no one wants to know the secrets of another, unless of course you are a social media tabloid. No woman wants to know what goes on when their man is away because the truth is painful and will tear things apart.

We would rather live in denial than know the truth.

Are you different? Maybe, but probably not. If you are complicit in the lies of a relationship, or in the secrets that have brought destruction to another’s life, you are guilty.  If you deny your own addiction and present yourself as a moral person, you are a deceiver.

There are no happy endings here, only deep depression, heartache and regret. Welcome to my world. There have been many who have contributed to its fall, including me. I am pretty much assured of its outcome and that gives very little hope for the future.

But now its time to look at yourself and take the focus off my little pity party….what is your role in all this? What secrets do you carry – are you in denial that constantly gnaws at you? Are you willing to own up? Face it? Now those are tough questions to answer.

Look, I am not deceived, if you are guilty, you’ll try to forget this post and move on asap. If you are suspicious of another, you’ll do the same. Its human nature, no one wants to destroy a good thing over a secret which will only disturb and distress them.

Justice is not dispensed in most cases, criminals and wrongdoers are allowed to be free while others suffer in pain. It is a crazy world, and lets face it, you just add to this ball of confusion. Good luck getting to sleep tonight if you have a conscience.


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