Stop Politicizing Sexual Abuse

The latest allegation of sexual misconduct came out in the last 24 hours when long-time NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer was fired. A single, apparently credible accusation, and the whispers of previous incidents was enough to bring him down quickly.

In light of the domino’s that continue to fall and ruin careers and reputations, some are taking the opportunity to make this into a political issue. The comments I read are sickening; people laughing, calling it a lib. problem, making jokes and celebrating.

You people just don’t get it do you?

First, lets remember that someone has been taken advantage of and intimately  traumatized by another. There are long-term and very serious problems that have to be met and worked through. There is a real person that has been assaulted and it has taken tremendous courage to come forward.

Second, stop making this about any political party. Take a little trip down memory lane and the list of those with these types of accusations, convictions and even innuendo isn’t limited to a single political ideology.

When you make this political, it minimizes the destruction caused by the perpetrator, and it shows your unimaginable ignorance.

Forty-five years ago I was sexually assaulted, it was before a time in which people gave a shit and I have dealt with this my whole life. The outcomes, debilitation, the festering wounds and the broken-ness of living it out on my own; It ruined my life, and I have hurt others in the process. The perpetrator went free and unpunished, never publicized, there was no outcry, no demand for justice.

This is a serious problem that is prevalent throughout the entire human race! If you think pornography isn’t a huge driver of this issue you are sadly mistaken. Stop lobbing your unintelligent grenades at the enemy in a self-serving, self-righteous attempt to give yourself a political advantage. Be more responsible with your opinions instead of quickly joining the masses of stupidity.

Unless of course you are that dumb.



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