Roots, Not Just Effects

We are so stupid to think we can sexualize nearly everything and then remain in control of our desires. I wrote this blog a few months ago and while it has some superfluous spiritual content, it is still relevant in light of all the sexual misconduct cases coming into focus.

You cannot go online and not see a sidebar that advertises some form of titillation. It is everywhere and it is in each of us. If the roots are not severed, if the source is not stopped, then the behavior never will. That is just common sense.

I heard a host on a radio show say that this isn’t more of a problem, its just being brought to light. That is totally and categorically false. Pornography and its availability is a huge factor driving this and will to the point of a complete and utter breakdown of morals world-wide. Scoffing right now? Then you are living with your head in the sand and I feel sorry for you. At least I can see whats coming.

The Entry Points of Temptation


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