The True Problem

The true problem isn’t Donald Trump, it isn’t all the perpetrators of sexual misconduct, it’s not our overcrowded prisons; it isn’t even the issue of obesity in America. No, those aren’t the actual problems plaguing our society, it is the ignorant ways in which we deal with them.

Lets take each of these briefly, one at a time.

Donald Trump, our illustrious president, who daily tweets his ignorance and stupidity, who has his own history of sexual misconduct, is unashamedly self-absorbed and egotistical and just plain rude. We complain and whine about him daily, there is nothing he does right; but we seem to forget that fully half of those who voted put him in office. Is he the problem? Yes. But the larger fault lies with those who supported him and many of whom now cower in silence. Yes he is a problem but someone put him there!

Speaking of sexual misconduct, how do we punish those who commit these crimes? Once you’ve served any prison or jail time for this felony offense:

  • Severe restrictions on where you live, i.e. ban on living within a certain distance of schools or certain neighborhoods
  • Requirements to inform neighborhood residents of your sex offender status
  • Forfeiture of your right to bear arms
  • Necessity to report every 1-3 years to your local police office for a current photograph
  • Necessity to report any new address to police authorities
  • Necessity to provide your Internet service provider, online screen name and email accounts to police authorities

I don’t know, but I don’t see one requirement for therapy or counseling, just “don’t do that anymore!”  Seriously, how is that going to bring real, lasting and permanent change to an individual or correction of such a deeply ensconced deformity of society?

There is also the unquestioned influence of pornography. If there is a perpetrator, there will be porn. We fight for the individuals right to posses it and we fill our minds with it everywhere we look, from soft-porn to the most graphic and demeaning trash we can find. How can we not think this will have a harmful effect that reaches beyond the individual using porn?

Piggybacking the sexual misconduct penalties, are the at-large use of prisons to punish and not actually reform criminal acts. Nuff said.

Lastly the problem of weight-control.  True this may not be as (pardon the pun) big of an issue, but it still serves to illustrate how we get it wrong so often. We sell exercise gimmicks, and special meals and weight loss programs to people. But why are we not going deeper into the reasons people overeat? People often eat as a form of replacement for many different essential things missing from their lives. From self-esteem, to trauma they eat. Our society capitalizes on their pain to make a buck. Why provide lasting solutions when you can have a lifetime of income guaranteed by their continued bondage?

We have gotten it terribly wrong, and we’ve been lazy and selfish. Though I know this will fall on deaf ears, shake yourself from your lethargy and do something about it! Silence and apathy will continue to feed the problems.

So I guess the true problem is you.



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