Social media responsibility in the current sexual harassment climate

I am not on any social media platforms, I merely glean from an external perspective and test the temperature of what is being commented upon. There is plenty of information published that makes the opinions of the general public known to all.

It is in this that I am compelled to plead with those who write their personal opinions so flippantly, carelessly and in a self-serving manner to… STOP BEING AN IDIOT!!!

Today I was reading a story about the Larry Nassar abuse case in which a Facebook member commented questioning the coming forward of the abused and their timing in doing so. They suggested that if they had done this sooner, many young women would have been spared abuse at this persons hands.  They leveled the accusation that she was as guilty as the abuser! You my friend, are a complete and utter fool. You should not be allowed to own a device in which you can say things this ignorant.

If we were to take this rational even further, and apply its so-called logic to any number of scenarios, you’d be reduced to nothing but a shallow, tin-hatted, unbalanced, basement living, conspiracy-theorist. There are also the many stories published quickly to capitalize on the current fervor, bringing a number of scattered facts together putting forth a rush to judgement. Either one is damaging the ability of people to have an unbiased opinion.

In truth, there are some cases where accusations were proven to be false, but the great majority of those guilty of a variety of sexual abuse and harassment crimes escape without any punishment. Actual convictions are infrequent and many go unprosecuted while those who have suffered through this abuse are left without justice, living deformed, maimed lives.  There are various degrees to which people are subjected to this torture; for some it is a one-time event, but others experience years of repeated and horrifying treatment at the hand of these menaces.

In my opinion, those coming forward today are far better off than people like myself who were abused in the 60’s and 70’s when there was virtually no way for the abused child to find help, even in their own family.  A precious few  escape the long-term debilitating effects of abuse and harassment by having extremely strong and effective support structures in place from the moment of revelation right on through their lives.

The fact is when you question the motives or timing of anyone who has suffered abuse, you are posing a unanswereable conundrum. The confusion, exposure and violation of a person is so complex that to simplify it like this is ignorant and careless. How can you presume to understand what the victim cannot even begin to fathom?

So then, if you haven’t the knowledge, empathy or wisdom to comment about an issue so deeply disturbing and multifaceted…please, just shut the hell up.

Thank you.



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