Where’s the Help?

There is a commercial running during the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It is for Dove Mens care. The ad is here.

The tag line is this; “It takes skill to win but it takes care to be a winner.” It shows different situations where someone who has lost or is struggling to finish is helped by another to complete or to console/encourage.

That is what is missing in the church. Period. Go ahead and argue I am wrong, but my first person status is overwhelmingly to the contrary.

At every level you give up on people. Then you have the nerve to say you follow the example of Christ. My heart was open, needy and desirous of relationship in the fellowship of believers for decades and I was only used for my talents. I pursued relationship but everyone was always TOO BUSY!!!

You are liars and deceivers who prey on the finances of the needy, the talents of the skilled but turn your back when the person needs you. When they are confused or hurting, in the midst of being abused or suffering the longterm depression which follows.

You misrepresent a deity who says he is all to anyone, no matter their need or desire.

So you are now justified when you say I am just an angry, vindictive person who has no love in him. You “prayed” oh, thanks so much, that was so comforting when I was struggling, alone, without another human being voicing their concern or compassion.

Now it is too late. I am lost and you still stand in your whited Sepulcher lifting your hands to god in complete abandon? Don’t make me laugh, you are nothing but a ridiculous hypocrite who mouths your devotion but forgets its implications when the real world hits you square in the face.

My soul is lost. Thanks for all you did to ensure its eternal destruction.



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