The Disturbing Trend of Leaving Everything to God

Ok, here a few observations:

  • Christians are busy, especially Christian leaders in any capacity.
  • Much is left to the intervention and “will” of God, at least until the revelation of failure in which men intervene and become their own almighty gods.
  • Christians assume an awful lot, and in doing so, they have grown lazy in their responsibilities.
  • It is easier to throw stones than it is to extend mercy, and christians are especially adept at this.

Thinking today about the reactions of Christians to certain situations and how they will often put off their responsibilities on God as a catch-all for what they are unwilling to deal with.

It is when trouble hits, plans go sideways and people fail that what once was a unified goal of purpose, becomes a separation that abandons the very core of the call each christian is bound to fulfill.

I have experienced this, and it has driven me from the halls of worship I once dedicated my life to. In the few times I have tried to return, I have ended up angry and more resolute than ever not to be a part of a group that decides for itself if one is worthy of their time but this other one is not.

People who posed as my friends and co-workers in the church, grew strangely quiet and indeed absent when I fell to my long-term demons. I had spent decades fighting and trying and working and repenting and….well they have all gone.

Some might say that it is for the best, this is between you and God, but they fail to realize that they are often all a person sees of God on Earth. Their acceptance of a flawed person, their willingness to come alongside and walk with them through all the questions, doubts, anger and tears.

Instead, they are too busy, and in effect have become lazy in their god-given mandate.

Yes, I will have to answer for my life, but to all you christians who have not forsaken the 99 to save the 1…. you will still have to answer for yours as well.

Commission vs. omission…there is no difference.




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