Tweets, James Gunn and the Power of Popularity

If you haven’t read the controversial tweets from James Gunn, take a moment and find them, they are easily available. Once read, maybe you will arrive at the conclusion many have; that they are in poor taste, a mistake, whatever…

I have a different point of view here. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I find these tweets to be over-the-line and unacceptable under any circumstances. (As a side note, my generation didn’t have the organized causes to take up the fight against the abuse I and many suffered, that is an unfortunate and life altering fact.)

However, today, in this era of instant pushback and swift justice, anyone coming to this mans defense is complicit with abusers everywhere.

What kind of blind allegiance uses scripture to excuse and defend this? That is the most diabolical weapon on could use; although religion has cloaked itself in many garments to wrongly persecute, judge and even kill people.

I am sickened by the lack of responsibility James Gunn exercised, and the actors I once enjoyed running to his defense. Shame on you if you are defending this man in any way.

Our society is rife with hypocrisy, and this I just another nauseating example of popularity and success giving excuses to sick men to speak what is in the deepest and darkest parts of their imagination.

If you have in any way defended James Gunn, YOU are as guilty as the man who wrote the tweets.

No excuse for him or you.

addendum: Recent stories in online media have characterized the Gunn tweets as “deleted” “dug up” and “old”. They infer some sort of conspiracy, and make it a political issue. WAKE UP! These tweets, even if they were 100 years old must still be accounted for. We are all responsible for what we say and do. There is no expiration date.



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