The Curse of Ever Wandering

The story begins nowhere, travels to nowhere, and ends up nowhere. It’s not that life isn’t eventful it’s just that everything is so useless and bears no repeating.

This story begins in a small town of no worthy mention and will end in a non-desript location of no importance. This life, like all life will be gone in the blink of an eye in which only gods take note.

Funny how some take what they are given and make it great, how some face adversity and spit in it’s face. But there are those who seem to founder in the shallowest of waters…that would be me. Each step taken is one of two kinds, stepping out of the shit or stepping into it.

No pity party here, only a clarity that rivals your dull and pathetic top of the line 4K television.

If my vision were always this perfect I might have missed a few of those dung heaps along the way. Today, I am hoping for the best as I pick up the remnants of another failure and move on. I’ve had more lives than any three cats and yet I don’t value any one of them, apparently.

The next chapter is about to be written, I’m on the edge of my seat like a giddy little schoolgirl in anticipation of what is ahead. Well as giddy as I have any right to be.

I have walked away from many good things, if not completely sabotaging them and still have a little hope yet shining. Is this a fools hope? I really “hope” not!

Here goes!!!


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