Politics, Religion et al and their Self-Serving Agenda’s

I am fed up with the childish behavior that defines politics in America today. I am sick of the coverage which is tilted and reported overflowing with the sentiments of each ones personal agenda and the networks perspective. Even the so-called independent networks are asking their questions with mocking intent and incredulity.

I remember a day, because I am old, when there was a civility that no longer exists in the world today. This lack of respect for each other stretches into all areas of life. Now it’s a contest of insults, the Democrats seize on every opportunity to crush their opponents into dust, and the Republicans shamefully stand by a president who is a corrupt and indefensible individual.

Those who voted for President Trump got it woefully wrong, and they know it. They defend a person that has no business leading the United States of America. Now, you might think “well, listen to you, you’re no different”. Hold on there my friend, I am equally disparaging the culprits of this sinking into the pit of utter madness.

You can add the religious to this list as well. The Catholic Church and every other denomination defend their pedophiles and abusers with the same tactics. Discredit the victims, silence them with gag orders which may included a pittance of remuneration for the future lifetime which the abused have to deal with. The latest scandal involving the Southern Baptists has been swept under the rug. Shocking!

There is no walk of life that isn’t diseased with a terminal case of self survival at all costs to others. The barbs hurled through social media, the callous demeaning evaluations of the sanctity of each individuals life. Throat cutting moves to get ahead in business, the have-nots feeling they have a right to a portion of the hard-earned living of another. The racially motivated haters on both sides of the equation, the Women’s organizations, the young, the LBGTQ’s all clamoring for more respect and more than the generation before could have ever dreamed of. But how are they acquiring what they want. Entitlement! They are owed purely because they want it now!

Let me share with you, that though I was sexually abused by my own father, there was no justice. I have lived my life in the shadow of deep wounds of that abuse. I have lived with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Bi-Polar disorder for decades and watched the carnage pile up. Where was anyone to speak for me? So at the age of 58, my entire life has fallen down around me. Now I am in psychiatric facilities, taking more and more medications, seeing a therapist, dealing with panic attacks, an inability to work in a setting where people are, which is essentially everywhere.

Yes this has come full circle. All of you, demanding, shaming, criticizing, fighting, hoarding, shouting, protesting and entitled need to take a step back and review your motivation. We all need to see the humanity of others when we look in a mirror. I have been guilty of this too, but it has to stop. Our society crumbles under the weight of selfish ambition.

It’s time to take a look at ourselves. Where is the love, compassion, empathy, understanding, willingness to learn instead of always wanting more? People like me, which are legion, are just trying to make it through each day without losing a little more of themselves. Do you know the number of people in prisons, who have killed themselves, are stuck in hopeless cycle addictions and who are trapped in our inept mental health systems? Because of all kinds of dysfunctions they were exposed to as children and young people, their lives were marred horribly

We all need to learn there are other people in this world that are desperately hurting, we need to see others, then we need to feel something, then and only then can we begin to connect on a level that brings a shifting that will ensure a brighter future for those who are yet to come.


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