Imagine a world..

Today, I heard a little piece on NPR about a zero carbon city. You know, all the imagination of a city and eventually a world free of all the demonized power we rely on today to survive. A future that exists currently and primarily in our minds, though we are making some minor strides toward its reality.

It set me to thinking…

How about we imagine a world free of the scourge of childhood sexual abuse? Can you even conceive of what the benefits would be? Just to name a few…

  • The complete eradication of human trafficking
  • No more addiction to pornography
  • Zero victims
  • The elimination of health related complications to victims
  • The mental health affects gone from perpetrators and victims
  • The reduction in crime and our bloated prisons and treatment centers
  • No more relationships and family’s destroyed by the resulting trauma
  • People who would have been victims reaching their once unattainable potential by never being subjected to abuse
  • No depression, anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar disorder because of abuse
  • The incalculable financial benefits of no abuse

These, of course, are just a few of the benefits that could be realized by such a dream.

Honestly, there is a human nature condition at work here that is not even comparable to those who dream of a zero carbon society.

It is so far beyond the humans mind that it gives a headache to those who contemplate it. But at one time wasn’t many of the conceptions of men? When we lit the first fires to warm ourselves from the cold, could we even give thought to flying in space? No. Every dream begins somewhere, and isn’t that in our limitless minds?

I think it’s time to begin the thought process that sparks the creativity of the mind and makes what once seemed impossible…reality. A world completely free of sexual abuse.

In coming posts I will explore this concept in more detail as I break down individual hinderances to such a future. Instead of merely dwelling on the negative results of abuse, I will concentrate on the stretches of the imagination that it takes to get there.

Might it be time to dream big about things that we will most likely never see, but future generations can potentially benefit from? I believe it is.


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