Yes, I am jealous of a 12 Year Old.

Today, splashed all over the media are the protests of students against Global Warming, These children are skipping school and getting national media attention that money can’t buy through protesting this issue.

The global warming crisis is a media darling so their coverage of this grade school uprising and making it hot national news isn’t exactly a shocking development. 

Look, I get it. Kids are cute, especially when they raise the banner that makes our causes even more palpable to another segment of the population. All those little acne faced, braces equipped, pigtailed little screech miesters are making a real difference! Don’t get me wrong, go all-in on that cause that you hold in such importance. Make it yours, use every tool at your disposal to “get the word out.”

Here’s where I am jealous though, where my cause isn’t quite as urgent as another crises facing our world.

It is the sexual abuse of children, let me tell you why. It’s really pretty simple. There is a stinking, sweaty, filthy, gross, disdained, pathetic and downright unhealthy sexual perversion that is running through society today and no one wants to make that headline news. Why? Because it extends through every nook and cranny of this whole diverse world in which we live. It is kept alive by Sex Trafficking, pornography, affairs, lusts run rampant, perversions, mainstream media, paper publications, online proliferation, and secrecy up the wazoo.

We’ve seen it in our religious institutions and cry foul as they are investigated and found to be full of perverts. We look to the entertainment industry and find plenty of culprits with which to skewer our swords and pull them back bloodied. We even focus on anything we can to point the finger of blame elsewhere in our society so we feel better about ourselves.

But you can’t wash away the filth that brings forth those who rape, commit incest, and all other manner of debauchery andall fueled by us secretly using our “I’m not hurting anyone else” excuse.

Get your head out of your ass. The media doesn’t really want to throw themselves under the bus so they will only investigate so far and for so long. It’s time to recognize that sexual crimes don’t begin in a vacuum. There is a lead up to them which we rubber stamp by looking away from the true cause. We just want to coddle that thing in US that we cannot control.

So, I will beat this pulpit bloody while you big time media types just keep on ignoring the real issues. Heck, we haven’t heard from the toddler segment of society yet on whether or not the wall that Trump is trying to get built should happen. Sheesh, there you go again, falling down on the job! Get back to work, and while you are at it start with a good bit of self-reflection !!!



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