Psychiatry’s Guessing Game

So will I be driven to do something desperate before my mental illness is seriously addressed, or will my desperate actions precipitate a reaction that’s too late?

This is the question I ask because we live in a world that is primarily reactionary. We do not seem to catch most anything until after the fact. There are some exceptions of course but I haven’t seen many in my lifetime.

Having merely a diagnosis means zero, zip, zilch, if it doesn’t help to prevent harmful actions from coming thereafter. Yet we accept this as the way it must go. You certainly can’t charge someone for murder until they commit the act, but can we not see that what has happened in someones life needs treatment beyond a little talk therapy before a disaster strikes?

I have seen two psychiatrists, and the same number of therapists and they all had some things in common. They figure you out in ohhhh, a matter of minutes. They believe you are fixable in said number of appointments, that their scenario is infallible and you aren’t as bad off as you think you are. They don’t followup on paperwork, and basically you are out of sight out of mind.

I don’t feel cared for by the people I am paying to care about me. It’s pathetic and only reinforces the desperation of the sufferer.

All diagnosis, pain medication and opinions are totally random and subjective. A series of guesses and arrived at surmises by “professionals”.  You know why I can speak this as truth? Because I have watched the system in action. They play a game with our lives, they risk our futures for the sake of their profit and pride. We are the guinea pigs in a cage being experimented on.

They play Russian roulette with our lives and its us who are penalized and driven deeper into darkness. They have no idea what to do or how to prevent it from happening.

Don’t plan on anything good unless it’s by chance. There is no help for the mentally ill. Watch out or they will try to use electrical shock therapy to straighten you out. Of course the down side is losing your memory, and neurological connections you’ll never have again. But hey, they know what they are doing!


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