Changes Brewing

As a previous post stated, financial difficulties seem to mirror mental health problems. I find myself in this type of situation, a little background first.

It’s been a few years coming, this cruel hiatus from life dealing with my slow burn into oblivion.  Since being a teenager I always seemed to be able to recover from setbacks. It wasn’t until my mistakes in Oregon that it all feel apart, like a slow motion collapse of a building.

I last worked at the beginning of November 2018.  Our apartment is too expensive to stay in, therefore we have to find something cheaper. We are looking at manufactured homes now. We’ve cut expenses, taken hardships on credit cards, and cut our grocery/gas to the bone. Our dream of home ownership seems all but gone as I will most likely not be returning to work. My income is 55% of what it was, and isn’t permanent. No one cares why you cannot pay, only that you can’t. So, added to the stress of dealing with mental health issues is the burden of looking for a new place, figuring out how to pay the bills and then the heretofore unmentioned relational problems.  Struggling with providers as to services needed on every level and trying to not miss medical payments to prevent all the coverage from disappearing.

Yeah, we have our…I don’t know like 6th move in 6 years. In our near retirement we are scrambling for something to grab onto to provide the stability we no longer have. Added to deep psychological difficulty is the weight of financial trauma.

Yes it is real, the mental health and financial are meeting head on. It will be quite a sight to see what it looks like after the dust settles.




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