I am very confused right now.

Like anyone, I want my life to matter. I want what I have learned and experienced over the years to make an impact on other people’s lives. I struggle with my own meaning in this world because of the rejection of my allegations and the dismissal of so many religious people as to my assertions.

The truth is, our politicians, will never make the eradication of childhood sexual abuse a priority. Neither will the church, and let me tell you why. It is because there are so many within both of them that would find themselves to be prosecuted by the laws they themselves created and enforced.

There is a dark world that exists and much of it is out of our sight. There are desires and compulsions that cannot be controlled, and frankly will not be controlled! I cannot let this stand. It makes me unpopular, its causes people in the church world to try and shout me down, tell me to “stop dwelling on the past” or “don’t be so negative.”

People in power are not willing to set foot into this realm because real digging and confronting of truth will turn establishment upside down.

You hear about less than 1% of the crimes committed against children, you have no idea how far-reaching it really is, has been, and continues to be.

You who claim to be Religious, do you support the voices that cry out for justice? Do you genuinely care for the helpless or just parrot those feelings? Are you building another sepulchre to mankind’s ability to lure people into soft words and cozy comfort? You are the most hated! What child doesn’t look back and say they appreciated when their parents stood firm, they felt love in that. You church, have forsaken justice for the almighty number of bodies and the filthy dollars you can stuff into your coffers.

Why do you not join with me in proclaiming justice for those abused and permanently wounded instead of hushing it up? Is that what God would do? Do you reject me because I don’t give you a pass or speak softly? Do you continue in your frame of thinking because it is you secretly abusing those you have power over?

I was very confused but I am no longer. You know the reason why.



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