Thrifting Therapy

Well, oh well. I have a physical scheduled for this morning. I am years overdue for it, so I guess that’s a degree of self-care. They’ll get some of my blood, check my levels since a few are askew due to dietary choices and heredity, Then they will probably tell me I need to make some adjustments!

The real fun begins afterwards when I hit a couple of thrift stores with my amazing $5 budget! Don’t laugh, one store has albums and cassettes for .25 cents. You can score a serious haul if some interesting titles have been donated. My collection, about 475 albums is pretty good even though I have only been doing it for about 1 1/2 years. I have a decent amount of cassettes and C/D’s too.

Have you ever thrifted? I have not only found old music but some retired media players as well. Old cassette boomboxes, classic headphones, etc. Fun!

There is a particular one I like and it just so happens its close! You’d think it would be a Goodwill or Salvation Army store but nooooooo. It’s a little store that funds the local psychiatric hospital. I actually go to one of their psychiatrists, and therapists. So I guess, when I shop there I am helping fund my own treatment.

Ok, I had actually written a very dark blog earlier that I withheld for the gibberish I just wrote. Hey I am a basket case so you never know what I will write!





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