Where Is the Justice?

Why do victims of violence have to get over stuff? Why are those who perpetrate violence getting away with it?

This is the essence of my post today. Those who’ve gotten over something wonder why others continue to struggle with it. They can’t understand why someone who has been severely traumatized won’t let go.

Here’s the problem. You comparing your experience of trauma to another’s and saying “I get it, but you should get over it!”

As long as those who have been victimized don’t agree to the lasting and many times lifetime crippling results of sexual assault, because they are ok, we get nowhere. Those who’ve been comparably successful should count themselves fortunate.

Nothing drives the heels of a victim deeper in the dirt than to be chastised by another victim who thinks they understand what another has endured.

My #%*~¥! life was destroyed from the start and you have the balls to say get over it? I don’t need people like that in my life. You think you’re helping, you aren’t.

I am finally beginning to get the help I needed 40 years ago so don’t walk up to me and say anything about how I should find resolution to my pain. You weren’t there in my darkest hours.

Respectfully. I exhausted the pretenders and now it’s up to those who charge by the hour to help me. Religion hid it, protected the guilty, kept it all a secret. My offenses were then broadcast. Where is the justice?!? WHERE IS IT?!?!?

The man who sexually assaulted me for years never faced a minute of justice for what he did. He left me with a developing, critical, multifaceted mental illness. The cost has been enormous. I will never allow anyone to judge me for holding this person responsible, because he took my life and now it’s to late to salvage. May he rot in hell for eternity for the damage he selfishly caused.


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