Have you ever felt completely hollow, like there is no one inside your body? It’s as if you had vacated it. I have been forced out entirely but for the instinctive motor actions that keep this shell alive. Sleeping, eating, breathing all continue, but nothing else.

This form is recognizable by others but I scarcely believe what I see in a mirror. I am an alien. I do remember when the flicker of life guided me, but it was ever so dim and provided little warmth. There is a loss of connectivity to the world around me, I feel like I’m on an entirely different plane of existence.

Melodrama plays no part in this, the final form I will take. is frighteningly real.

In about an hour I have a session with my therapist, it will be interesting. I wont be pulling any punches, I am gonna throw down and tell it like it is. There are only two ways to go, up or down, life or death.

That is where we all end up at some point in our lives, it just so happens that my time is now.


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