I Miss My Violin

It’s been a tough road. I have experienced a lot of financial challenges and mental ones that had me sell off all the instruments of value I owned.

I used to be big into music at church, that’s the only place I ever wanted to play. I had a few of them, but the last few weeks I have been missing the one I thought I’d miss the least…my violin.

I started playing in the 5th grade. I played right into college on a scholarship. I was the concertmaster, played in the string quartet, and even ad-libed a lot with the church band.  Funny thing happened though, everyone wanted to hear the violin and I felt cornered into playing. I picked up an acoustic guitar and left the violin in my dust, for the most part.

It’s weird how sometimes we need to return to our roots, and in a way, that’s just how I feel.

My timing though…not so good. This’ll have to remain on the back burner til things settle down.



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