The Lost Generation

I’m not sure what the demographics say but I believe that on just about every level of human interaction, it’s better to be young than old. The level of concern for children is off the charts compared to that for older generations.

Today we will do anything we can to support and counsel a child that has been abused. I can tell you this, the segment of those who were abused 40 years ago are completely ignored. Why do we think those people are anywhere near to ok? There was nothing of a comprehensive program available to those kids. There was a lot of secrecy and subterfuge and they grew up with heavy damage. I am one of these.

The cost for medical care and mental wellness to our economy for those, say, 50 and up, must be staggering. If I look at just the last 5 months of my life there are 10’s of thousands of dollar’s being paid. Psychiatric outpatient costs, medications, psychiatrists, therapists, short-term disability. The kicker is, I am literally no better after these treatments. I would contend that I am worse.

That is what you get for ignoring a generation of those who suffered abuse in the 50′ and on. Will I ever work again? I don’t know, I honestly don’t think so but we will see. Every troublesome thought and emotion has been magnified the last few months. Depression is deeper, suicidal thoughts are increasing, and there is no end in sight. The treatment began 40 plus years after the abuse, its tentacles run very deep.


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