Only The Shadow Knows

As my case of Bi-polar Depression slogs on, a new medication is being introduced to my regime.

This drug is called Latuda. It is an extremely costly drug at $1396.00 for 30 tablets. Fortunately with insurance I am only paying $40. My psychiatrist really wants to try a drug he believes is better but insurance dictates this one has to be tried first.

I am a little nervous whenever trying something new, side effects are always a concern. So we’ll see what the evening holds as this is to be taken with dinner.

Only the shadow knows what’s next, I am indeed enveloped in a darkly cloaked fog. I don’t know what to think or do minute to minute right now, maybe this new medication will help out. 

As it is I am starting something new for me, tomorrow I am going to begin donating plasma. A little influx of finances and helpful to people in need.

Ok then, I will sign off for now, have yourself a good evening.



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