Pettiness of Everything

Just a simple question.

Why its our society so infatuated with the silliness of life, the petty, the inconsequential? At the same time ignoring the importance of issues which should be demanding our implicit attention. It’s a sickness of insults, supposed importance, trite subjects and even less important people.

Why are the things which should consume our agenda relinquished to the back of the line? Whats so great about the Kardashians? Or the lesser Trumps who skulk in the Whitehouse? Why is it a daily OAC response to someone else’s comment about her?

WTF?!?!?! Isn’t there enough life and death issues out there to put our energy too than all this damn fluff?

I guess it all boils down to what someone thinks is important and them shoving it down our throat. Maybe thats what you want…entertainment over substance, pettiness over progress, and easy reporting over hard-hitting relevance. Its what we get so it must be what we want…or, are they telling us what we want?

I’m sick of having my time wasted by all this crap.

Here is what’s important to me. Education about mental illness and treatment, investigations of institutions who have ignored sexual assault and allowed it in their culture. News with a purpose; not just to push their political agenda, but to deal with important issues and possible solutions. Less entertainment news and more about improved education, quality measures to deal with immigration, how we can lesson poverty and crime by helping people before they get there. A comprehensive dialog on suicide, hate crime, racism, spirituality, death, healthcare, compassion for one another and less infighting among us. But no, we want to sink to new lows of petty insults and party rhetoric.

Nothing new, just reiterating the importance of keeping ourselves on task and away from distractions.


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