Self-Care…Just Do It! **UPDATE**

Today/Tomorrow is a most dreaded of self-care days. It was a full seven years ago that I had my first colonoscopy, not a fun experience! First the fast, second the solution. I was presented with a gallon jug replete with an orange flavored granulated substance. Once willed with water it was required that I drink it all beginning the night before.


This is why I have avoided the unavoidable for a couple years now. My last procedure revealed a polyp and that dictated having the test done every five years.

Things are a little different this time around. I have two six ounce bottles instead of a gallon, good. I have to mix one bottle with water to a total of 16 oz. and drink it. Then two more 16 oz. glasses of water. Repeat the whole process the morning of the noon procedure. With caution for possible vomiting (no-one likes to vomit).

Today, no solid food. So self-care at a cost. And its not just for the ladies guys, our mental illness is no excuse to let it slide. Let’s put ourselves on notice to value our health from every perspective.

**UPDATE** Colonoscopy complete with the detection of 7 polyps which will be biopsied in the next couple days.


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